Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to the Dollhouse...

I hate to admit it, but I was a fan of Barbie growing up.

The youngest of three brothers, my Dream House was truly my escape. 

Yesterday Barbie turned 52, and thanks to Botox she looks exactly the same...tall, blonde and her boobs are as perky as they were in the early eighties when she resided in my basement- WTF!

I'll admit that Barbie allotted me hours of fun, and it beat watching television- which was a big no no in my house.  It was a chance to grow my imagination.

But I have to ask, when is Mattel going to make some adjustments- bigger ones than they have.

Looking back on my years in our basement with Barbie, I realize how she planted the early seeds of envy in my life.  A yearning for things my family didn't have, and my body wouldn't.

Where was my flowing blonde hair and Corvette?  My posse of beautiful friends and designer clothes? 

And her body!  Puh-leeze.

No girl should grow up dressing and undressing those plastic boobs all afternoon- talk about self esteem issues!

In truth, I have to thank Barbie for some good times we shared together...but to Mattel I have this to say:
Barbie is 52.  Before she was "Barbie" she was Lily, a German doll sold to men as a gag gift in adult stores.  Today, Mattel still sells Barbie in her lingerie, but now they sell her to little girls- little girls who want to grow up and look just like her, but never will.  Instead, some will become women who will pay for plastic surgery thinking that this is what men expect us to look like.

"It's Barbie's world.  We just play in it,"  Mattel


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A fellow blogger friend of mine posted about barbies birthday the other day, if you want to see her take on it find life in the pickle jar on my blog list and scroll down a few posts. I think you may like it!

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